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We really need to stop saying that we’ll never release two books on the same day …

After several months of behind the scenes work, here we are once again, for the third time (for the last time???) with two new books for you, which together show the breadth of what Luna Station has to offer. Coming hot on the release of Issue 24 of The Quarterly (which had a successful launch […]

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A Big Week For Luna Station

It’s been a difficult few months, personally, here at The Station, but the show goes on. Life stuff does what it does, and sometimes that manifests as weird glitches in our publication schedule. Normally, we wouldn’t release two things in one week. (Well, that’s not true. We did it back in October, and it was […]

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Luna Station Celebrates Free Comic Book Day!

It was an honor and privilege for Luna Station to be invited to table at Time Warp Comics & Games, as part of their celebration of Free Comic Book Day! We were represented by our founder, Jennifer Parsons, author Cara Vescio, whose Wasteland series has been a perennial seller for us these last few years, […]

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After Five Years, LSQ’s First Print Issue!

When I got involved with Luna Station back in the Autumn, one of the first things I said to Jennifer was, “We need to start making actual physical books of the Quarterly.” Here we are, six months later, at the beginning of year six of this much loved magazine, and that dream has come true. […]

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A Chapbook of Wonder & Mystery

It’s been a busy three weeks since the launch of the Luna Station 2.0. Ayahuasca Nights & David, A Rat have been met with such lovely support and goodwill, and while that has been happening, Jennifer and I have been working feverishly behind the scenes to prepare a chapbook of wonder & mystery which we […]

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A New Beginning …

Welcome to the new Luna Station Press website. Which is another way of saying, welcome to the new Luna Station Press! My name is Tara, and I am so happy to be here, talking books and stories with you. Building on the work of Luna Station’s founder, Jennifer Lyn Parsons, and on the international success […]

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