A New Beginning …

Welcome to the new Luna Station Press website. Which is another way of saying, welcome to the new Luna Station Press! My name is Tara, and I am so happy to be here, talking books and stories with you.

Building on the work of Luna Station’s founder, Jennifer Lyn Parsons, and on the international success of our sister publication, Luna Station Quarterly, it is my pleasure and privilege to be steering The Press into unchartered territory.

In its two plus years of existence, The Press has published eight books, in a variety of genres, which will all be “remastered” in the coming months, primarily so we can expand our distribution and get our diverse catalog into stores around the world.

Additionally, we have another half dozen releases planned for 2015, on top of the two new titles we’re releasing today, which will continue Luna Station’s commitment to interesting and exciting authors, great design and production values, and most importantly, compelling stories.

As it says repeatedly on this site, I am a big believer in physical books, in the tactile act of connecting the right book to the right reader. There’s something about that relationship that I’m just not ready to let go of yet, regardless of the century, or how cool our devices might be.

I really want this site, and this company as a whole, to be a meeting place, for people who feel the same as I do about books, about favorite local bookstores, and about the importance of stories in all of our lives. As I continue to get the Press’ infrastructure on solid footing (yes, publishing books is hard work, if you’ve never tried it!) I look forward to getting out into the world, and meeting fellow readers, at conventions, at signings, and hopefully in beautiful moments that I can’t even predict yet.

Because at the end of the day, these books, and this Press, are for you. Sure, we as writers and creators need to do this work. It’s in our blood. But without readers, our job is a lot more lonely. So I hope you’ll find something you like here on the site, and in the months to come, and will come along for what promises to be an amazing ride.

Thank you so much for visiting. See you in the stacks.

Tara Quinn Lindsey
Creative Director