by Dawn Baird



Joshua wakes up on his 12th birthday to find a fairy hovering over him. The day becomes more mysterious when his mother gives him a strange box, a gift put aside long ago by his missing father.

When he learns the truth of the box and that his father may be held captive, Joshua stages a rescue mission to a land of powerful magic and bright fairy queens.

But the land is in trouble, for shadows are quickly covering all of Enchantaka in dark magic, Much to his surprise, everyone thinks Joshua is the one to save them all.
With his brave and clever friend Skyla at his side, Joshua has the adventure of a lifetime, meeting talking bugs, helpful fish, and even taking on evil shadowlings.

As he travels, it becomes clear that his father may be the cause of the realm’s dark fate. Can Joshua save Enchantaka, even if it means facing down his own father?

  • Genre: Fairy Tale/Adventure
  • Print Length: 168 pages
  • Publication Date: December 8, 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-938697-73-9


Dawn Baird

Writing is Dawn Baird’s passion. It’s no wonder she pursued a Bachelor’s of Specialized Studies Degree in Creative Writing, Literature, and Journalism from Ohio University. She is a freelance writer of both fiction and nonfiction, and with 7 grandchildren has a special place in her heart for literature for young children.

She is a member of The Professional Writer’s Alliance and The West Florida Literary Federation and has works published online and in print. Recent works have been published in Chicken Soup For The Soul: Here Comes the Bride edition, Budget Travel Magazine, Luna Station Quarterly, and the Emerald Coast Review.