After Five Years, LSQ’s First Print Issue!

When I got involved with Luna Station back in the Autumn, one of the first things I said to Jennifer was, “We need to start making actual physical books of the Quarterly.” Here we are, six months later, at the beginning of year six of this much loved magazine, and that dream has come true.

What an amazing thing it is to hold issue 21 in our hands! As we say repeatedly on this site, stories just feel more real, more tactile, more possible, when they are brought into the physical world. We, of course, are so grateful for all of the support you have given us online over the first five years of LSQ, but we are hoping very much that you will be as excited about this new beginning as we are, and will support us as we begin these next five years.

More information about the issue, and how to purchase a copy, is here.